Our company

Brilliant Healthcare LLC is an Independent Owned and Operated LLC. Launched out of Wyoming prior to establishing based locations in Virginia.

The Independence operations of Serenity is a symbol of strength representing not one but the power drawn out of one to establish a unified based of employee and business partner relations which move on one accord.

Focus of Quality over Quantity

Our mission is very clear - provide the best services and care for our clients.

Brilliant Healthcare llc specializes in providing advanced nursing care and personalized quality assistance to each of our patients. We are dedicated to providing an environment of care with a range of nursing services, personal care and companionship services.

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We analyse your needs carefully

Specializes in providing the highest standards in nursing and personal care. Both you and your love ones can be assured of the time and attention to detail that we pride ourselves on.

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We provide best care

We make frequent contact with our patients in order to conduct nurses surveys making sure our clients are receiving the best service they deserve! These surveys ensure customer satisfaction and allows Serenity to develop a plan of care designed specifically for each individual.

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